College Advising Corps

A lack of college knowledge is a barrier for low-income students and families of color. College readiness focuses on academic preparation, while often ignoring factors facing underserved students and omitting information that is crucial to aiding them with the college selection and application processes.

According to College Advising Corps (CAC), the national student-to-adviser ratio is 450:1, leaving many students with no more than 20 minutes a year with a college adviser. This disproportionately affects our highest-need students who lack the guidance and support needed to apply for college, apply for and obtain financial aid and prepare themselves to persist following matriculation.

Schools and organizations like DCAC must partner together to provide information, resources, and support to underserved communities. We see our role as building (or expanding) the capacity of schools, districts, and communities to prepare students for, and guide students to and through college.

To learn more about the College Advising Corps, visit their website(link is external).