Partnership Request

EAOP and DCAC take several factors into consideration for expansion and placement.  We look to form a collaborative partnership with our sites and cannot replace or supplant any existing staff, programs, or services.  We aim to increase and supplement existing college preparation activities in an effort to help increase our partners’ college enrollment rates. EAOP and DCAC must also receive expansion approval from our national organization, College Advising Corps, prior to final decisions.

New partner sites are expected to contribute a 1:1 financial match for each College Adviser Fellow placement. Our program covers one-half of the cost through grants, national, and UC Berkeley funding sources. Partner sites or districts are expected to contribute the other half of the total cost per College Adviser Fellow per year. Total costs include the Adviser Fellow’s monthly living allowance, year-end award, supervision, training costs, and supplies.

Submitting Requests

After completing the request for placement document, please submit the documents to Destination College Advising Corps at sends e-mail). The team will review requests as they come in and schedule initial meetings with potential partners.