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DCAC Starts an Alumni Association!

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DCAC Starts an Alumni Association!

Destination College Advising Corps continues to do great work in schools throughout California. Our model is to hire talented and passionate recent college graduates and place them in schools throughout California with the mission of being a resource for underserved students and to help them reach their postsecondary goals.  Many of the DCAC College Advising Fellows are from the same or similar communities as the students they serve and also experienced being the first in their families to go to college. Our Adviser Fellows are the heart and soul of DCAC and they also bring a great deal of wisdom and insight regarding the changing landscape of the field of college access. After they complete two years with the fellowship program, many of our Adviser Fellows go on to graduate school, and to pursue careers as teachers, student affairs practitioners, counselors, social workers and other positions that support their communities.  

DCAC wanted a way to continue to anchor itself in these talented young educators’ wisdom and as a result, in partnership with some of these amazing Adviser Fellow Alumni, and so we are excited to announce that this fall we created the Destination College Alumni Association (DCAA). This Alumni Association, made up of DCAC Alumni from the last several years, will provide valuable support and guidance to DCAC’s administration moving forward, as we make decisions about how to support students, families and communities. They will also play an important role in building a strong and active DCAC College Adviser Fellow Alumni network in the years to come.  

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